If there is a will
I am Vani from Thalapadi Village, Mangalore Taluk, Dakshin Kannada District, Karnataka State, South India. I have studied up to 10th standard after which due to poverty in the family I was not able to continue the studies and married off and today I am a mother of one daughter. Our life was a struggle as we were dependant on the produce of our piece of land and the meager wages of my husband who used to work as a daily wage worker whenever work was available.During this period, I came across the field workers of Canara Organization for Development of People (CODP), Mangalore who were motivating... More+

Determination & Perseverance Pays
Mrs. Sangeetha Uday Kamble, a resident of Gaunal Village, Hukkeri taluk, Belgaum district and her husband were daily wage earners who toiled hard to bring up their two children, a boy and a girl. Though they were hard working, it was difficult for them to eke out a living, feed themselves and take care of the basic necessities of life
Under such dire circumstances, she came into contact with the Animators of Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society who work at grassroots level to educate and empower women through formation of Self Help Groups and provide training... More+

An Attitudinal Change Is The Cheapest Way To Change One’s Life
I, Sr. Mary Thomas am working as a Coordinator for Women Empowerment Programme for the past 7 years in Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society (BDSSS), Belgaum at Chikkodi in Belgaum District. The organization is working for Social Development at grassroots level. The programme, Women Empowerment is supported by Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service (KROSS), Bangalore. During the initial period I was drawn back as I was not well capacitated to handle the situation at the ground level due insufficient subject knowledge. But over a period to time, I got an opportunity to attend varied trainings conducted... More+
It is said that every person has a tale to tell and my story is no different. Hailing from a poor fisher folk family of Uttar Kannada where life was tough but thanks to my parents who scrounging from their hard earned money educated me and I was able to be a double graduate, B.A. & B.Ed. A sigh of relief but not for long as jobs were hard to come by and I had to work for some petty business men to augment the family income and support my siblings. The days were very really tough... More+

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you
I, Annapoorna Satish, Ward No.6, Subramanya Nagar, Arsikere, Hassan District joined as a member of the ARUNA WOMEN’S SELF HELP GROUP which was facilitated by Chikmagalur Multipurpose Social Service Society (CMSSS) in 1998. Being a dynamic member of the Self Help Group (SHG) and my involvement in all SHG activities, the field staff of CMSSS recommended that the organization appoint me as an Animator as there was a vacancy. I was selected and appointed as one of the field animator in 1998. The innumerable trainings conducted by CMSSS helped me to develop myself. During the staff... More+
I, K.H. Jagdeesh aged 37 years hail from a rural background and belong to an agricultural family of Shimoga District. I have done my post graduation in Social Work and since 2002 I am working as a Coordinator for Women Empowerment Programme in Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society (SMSSS), Shimoga. This being my first employment, I was not much practically aware of the field realities, what is social development, subject knowledge, aptitude, skill and hence could not reach out to the people as I did not possess good communication skills. During these intervening years, I was provided trainings... More+
Erandagi is a village in Basavakalyana taluk, Bidar District. The Manager of Krishna Grameena Bank visited the village to have a meeting with the Panchayat members and village leaders to open a Bank Branch in Erandagi. The SHG women were called for the meeting and the issue was raised at the meeting. 120 women took part in the meeting. During the discussion the manager enquired about the NGOs working in the particular area. The Panchayat leaders in loud voice called out ORBIT the best NGO in the area working for the empowerment of women. He earnestly requested the cooperation from the SHG... More+
‘Venkateshwara Camp’ is a very poor hamlet in Somalapura Panchayat, Sindhanur taluk, in Raichur district. For the past 15 years the people were getting ration only once in three months. Whenever the people questioned the shop keeper, his answer was “do whatever you want, go to anybody, I can do only this much” with this repeated answer the villages were frustrated and fed up. Mean while the women from ‘Nandadeepa’SHG (formed and trained by BDDS), Bellary used RTI and gathered the information under RTI about the PDS, particularly about this shop. The shop keeper was threatened. Later this shop was... More+
Mrs. Hemavathi, aged 38 was living a very happy life with her husband and two children in Arasikere but misfortune was waiting for her by way of taking away her husband in a fatal accident. When she lost her husband, she didn’t get any support from her family or that of her husband’s family. As the sole bread winner of her family, she started working in different houses as a domestic servant for minimum wages. As she was not able to pay the rent of the house she had to shift her house to a nearby slum, without basic necessities and amnities. . Meanwhile she came to know through her neighbours about the SHGs facilitated by CMSSS. Initially, she did not show any interest in joining the SHG. Later on with the regular visit... More+
Mrs. Mumtaz Begum, SHG member of BDDS. She is belonging to minority Muslim community of Tippu Sultan Colony, Raichur District of Karnataka. Being a Sangha member she had complained to the Education Dept about the maladministration in the Government Urdu School that yielded her no results. Her leadership quality earned her place in SDMC committee and was elected as Vice-president in the same. Her active leadership has improved the situation of mid-day meal, attendance of children and the punctuality of teachers coming to School on time. Her value based leadership earned her good reputation and she has been recognized as one of the leaders in the community in a male dominated society!... More+
Mrs. Sunanda Rangaswamy, a widow from Bharathi Colony, Shimoga makes her living through daily wages. Though she was getting her Widow pension for many years, suddenly the same was stopped stating the reason that her son has attained the age of 18; hence she is not eligible for Pension! Being the member of Bharathi Self Help Group formed by Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society (SMSSS) she was aware of the rule that ‘a widow is eligible to get her pension even if the son is above 18 years but doing his education’. She sent an application under RTI to the concerned Department and sought for verification of documents and records. Mrs. Sundanda produced related documents... More+