Our values

A society based on Justice, Peace, Equality and Ecological harmony.

“To be a quality resource Organisation by engaging with development actors to facilitate accountability in upholding the dignity and rights of most marginalized communities through research, knowledge exchange, capacity enhancement and collaborative social action to achieve sustainable development”.

The overall goal of the Organisation is “To actively participate in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals”. KROSS works with socially backward and economically poor particularly women, children, youth and with unorganized labourers, small and marginal farmers, dalits, tribals, backward classes irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender.

The current programs of KROSS are relevant to the needs of different stakeholders. These are Natural Resource Management, Women Empowerment, Women in Micro Enterprise, Good Governance, HIV / AIDS, Flood relief & rehabilitation, Career Advancement Program etc. These KROSS program interventions are leading to lasting results / changes at the community level and the Organisation is also able to achieve the set objectives. Each of the above projects has a long list of achievements.

Our Goal is to actively participate in achieving the UNs Millennium Development Goals in partnership with member - Organisations, sponsors, Government, other like-minded NGOs, institutions and individuals.

Practicing and promoting the core values of justice, peace, Ecological harmony and development.
Upholding and protecting the dignity of every human being.
Recognizing that the human person is central to development.
Developing people’s capacity to grow and enjoy improved quality of life.
Enabling people to take ownership for their own holistic development.
Building a sustainable and integrated development model.
Special focus on rural area.

Rights-Based : Enlightening people about their rights and to collectively claim them.

Cost effective approach: Effective utilization of Organisational resource

Result Based approach: To ensure desired results

Gender sensitive approach: Cross cutting agenda starting from staffing, infrastructure, human resource system etc

Environmental sensitive approach: Being sensitive towards nature and environmental issues

Partnership centered approach: Involving the stake holders/ focused groups in their own integrated development.

Integrated approach: All the interventions to be in holistic manner in collaboration with Government agencies and others.