KROSS with its 14 member organizations renders multifarious services among more than 825,000 poor people in more than 4360 villages of Karnataka especially in the areas of Women Empowerment, Health, Community Resilience to HIV/AIDS, Child Rights, Good Governance, Natural Resource Management, Capacity Building, Micro Enterprises for Poverty Alleviation and Career Advancement Programme without discriminating on the basis of caste, creed and race.

It is this opportunity to work across different spheres that appeals to those who choose to do their internship at KROSS.

Place of Internship: Based out of Bangalore office, Karnataka. (Some degree of travel within Karnataka and field work can be expected)

Who can apply: Interns from diverse academic backgrounds can apply and also International interns are welcome

How to Apply:
To apply, please send an email to: krossdir@gmail.com
The email should be accompanied by your CV and a cover letter.
Also mention the dates and duration of your internship clearly. Send your internship applications at least 2 months prior to your expected start date.

Mandatory Duration : At least 8 weeks is the minimum duration of internship

My name is Tristan Fischer and I`m from Germany. I study Health Care Economics at the University of Bayreuth and currently I`m writing my final master thesis. From September to November 2013 I did an internship at KROSS, Bangalore. During my studies at University I have learnt a lot about the approaches of health prevention in developing countries. Also it was always a dream for me to collect working experience in a NGO in an emerging country like India. Through my internship I got a comprehensive overview of each of the programs KROSS implements, like Women Empowerment, HIV/AIDS, Natural Resource Management or Good Governance. Moreover I was allowed to accompany the staff members during their visits in the villages and so I learnt more about each approach and was able to see how these programs are implemented. Even more I got to know about the difficulties and challenges you face while implementing these programs in the rural areas. But it was always a great joy to see how small investments that provide solar lamps or biogas tanks are improving the quality of life for the villagers significantly which will be for good and memorable moments of my stay in India. Due to my study in Germany the HIV/AIDS program particularly aroused my highest interest, especially to see how to boost the self-confidence and self esteem of PLHIVs and discuss their status openly and to see the high acceptance within the community.

During my time at KROSS I learnt a lot about the work of the NGO in India. I want to thank the KROSS staff members for taking me around and for the pleasant working atmosphere and amity. The internship was a great learning experience which carried me further personally and I am sure this stint will hold good in my life.