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Women Empowerment-Review Meeting
The Review Meeting of the Women Empowerment Program was held on the 11th and 12th of June 2024, at KROSS, Bangalore. The first day commenced with a prayer followed by a warm welcome and an insightful introductory talk by Rev. Fr. Richard Pais. Director, KROSS. Rev. Fr. Leo Alex, Director, JVSSS, and Rev. Fr. Rajesh, Assistant Director, BMSSS, were also acknowledged. The day primarily focused on report presentations by 14 DSSS program coordinators, followed by a thorough consolidation of the reports and discussions about the way forward, led by Mrs. Bhagya Mary, Program Coordinator, CMSSS. On the second day, the evaluation of the 1st-year WEP implementation was conducted by Rev. Fr. Richard Pais, Director KROSS, with participants divided into groups for evaluations of gender teams and state women, led by Mrs. Laina Lasrado, Program Coordinator, WEP. Action plans were formulated, and presentations were made by Sr. Nancy Lobo, Program Coordinator WEP, highlighting the commitment to program improvement and development. Concluding remarks and evaluations were delivered by Sr. Nancy, followed by a note of thanks from Mr. Ramesh, Program Coordinator, BMSSS, emphasizing collaboration and shared learning among the participants.