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WEP DeBrefing External Evaluation CODP

Date 28th October, 2021

Venue CODP, Mangaluru

Meeting Convener Rev. Fr. Richard Pais, Director, KROSS

KROSS WEP Team, representatives from 14 DSSS, evaluators Dr. Rita Noronha, Ms. Shirley T. Babu and team, Ms. Evelyn Benis and Rev. Sr. Nancy.

1. Discussion and deliberation on the results of the WEP evaluation
2. Formulation of the Vision, Mission and Objectives for the next 3 years

Key Highlights
Prayer and Welcome

Prayer song - Sr. Mary and group. Lighting the lamp and welcome of all guests by Ms. Sudhamani and Rev. Fr. Richard Pais

Welcome speech by Rev. Fr. Richard Pais
"Coming together is beginning and Working together is progress"

1. Women Empowerment, despite not being a new topic, was given real traction through the efforts of KROSS and its team of diocese partners.

2. The success of any programme lies in good planning, effective implementation and rigorous monitoring and evaluation. Evaluation is the key to any programs success as it is a sign of progress. And progress motivates you to do better.

3. This evaluation was done in a short period but very exhaustively by Dr. Rita Noronha and her team on 4 key aspects of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and sustainability.

4. The review also helps each institution to learn best practices of others and take up measures to improve operations in their areas

5. Despite many challenges such as COVID and funding issues, the team has still focussed and done great work in WEP.

Evaluation by Dr. Rita Noronha and team
Dr. Rita Noronha and her team attended the event to disclose, discuss and deliberate on the evaluation and the results.

1. Her team first began by taking the attendees through the evaluation process which included highlighting the objective of the evaluation, the sources of information, the tools of data collection such as questionnaire, virtual interview etc.

2. She highlighted the level of cooperation of all 14 DSSS and mentioned that some DSSS gave more and some gave less than the prescribed number of 50 women interview candidates.

3. She also asked each participant to evaluate the level of truthfulness exhibited in each part of the evaluation and mentioned that the falsification of data and throw off the objective of the evaluation.

4. She also asked the attendees to reflect on all the things that went well and things that could have gone better in the evaluation process and use this as a base for future performance.

5. She then took the attendees through the responses derived from the SWOT analysis and revealed several actionable inputs such as:

a) Directors need to understand their organizations vision and mission and all the words in the vision and mission statements.

b) Organizational structure - how do you make it gender just as most DSSS are run and managed only by men.

6. There was consensus that some issues should be discussed by the Directors only

7. There was also consensus that some issues were to be struck off from the report as they are not reflective of the entire program but of the thoughts of one or two people.

Session on Vision, Mission and Objectives by Rev. Fr. Faustine Lobo
Rev. Fr. Faustiine Lobo took the attendees through the importance of the Vision, mission and objectives for any program. He spoke about how development is not only 4 step circle but a spiral of constant improvement. One must constantly be on the lookout for areas of improvement, plan for interventions and implement, creating a spiral of constant evaluation and improvement.

The attendees were then asked to draft the objectives for the WEP program for a period of 3 years.