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On 2nd September 2021, the KROSS conducted a virtual meeting for giving preliminary instructions to the DSSSs coordinators on Evaluation of Women Empowerment programme. The meeting commenced at 10am with a prayer by the KROSS Director followed by briefing on the purpose of the meeting. Sr. Nancy (Joint Secretary, Social Concerns & Development) conducted the demo session on the tools of internal evaluation. Participants discussed few points and got clarification for their doubts. The meeting concluded by 12:20 pm with a vote of thanks by the KROSS Director.

KROSS organised WEP Internal and External Evaluation team interaction On 04/09/2021 at 11am with Dr.Rita Noronha & team, Sr Nancy Lobo (Joint Secretary, Social concerns & Development), and the DSSSs Evaluators. The interaction commenced with a prayer followed by welcome message by the KROSS Director. The Director in his welcome note thanked Dr. Rita Norohna and her team (Dr.Sherly) for accepting his invitation to guide the evaluators. Also he thanked the Sr. Nancy Lobo (Joint Secretary, Social concerns & Development) and Fr. Leo (the Director of the JVSS). After the welcome note (speech) the session was handed over to Dr. Rita Norohna and her team.

Dr. Rita Noronha spoke about the importance of Evaluation on WEP Project and shared guidelines on internal evaluation referring to the TOR. She guided the evaluators on who to collect the means of verification through phone in interview.

The questions contained in the evaluation tool was briefed in and instructions given. After certain clarifications, it was agreed to modify a few questions. The Evaluators got clarified their doubts and expressed usefulness of the interaction. The meeting concluded at 1.00pm with vote of thanks by the KROSS Director.