Mr. Diogo H. Ferreira, Consultant/Assessor, Misereor paid a two days visit on 21st and 22nd November 2019 to KROSS, Bengaluru in connection with the Women Empowerment Program being implemented by KROSS in collaboration with its 14 Diocesan Social Service Societies.

On 21.11.2019, he interacted with the Director, KROSS, the Women Empowerment Program Staff at KROSS who monitor the program, the Finance Manager and the Core Team at KROSS. He explained that his visit was to explain the financial procedures put in place by Misereor and hence the reports, the accounts and the audit report have to be as per the standard laid down by the funding agency. He also verified the documents pertaining to the project.

On the 2nd day, i.e., 22.11.2019 he met the 14 Diocesan Social Service Societies Directors and Accountants and explained in detail the standards that need to be adopted to come up with their expectations. He also explained in detail the mode of accounting and auditing to be put in place so that there is one standard of reporting from all over the globe.

He expressed his happiness over the visit and said he was happy with the existing systems and structures which were in place which only needed a little modification to come to the standards expected by the funding agency.

The KROSS Team felicitated him and wishes him all the best and a safe journey back.