In its mission of social transformation, KROSS aims at preparing committed community leaders, volunteers, and trainers who will further mobilize and train volunteers and leaders from marginalized and backward communities to become aware of their basic rights and become agents of social change.

In this context KROSS has constructed a well equipped Training cum Resource centre which will be accessible to various Development Workers and Stakeholders in the development sector such as Faith Based and like minded Organisations. Educational Institutions: Students, Lecturers, Lawyers, Media Advocates, Journalists, Government Officials, Social I Environmental Activists from NGOs. Community Based Organisations, Voluntary Organisations, Issue Based Networks, Cultural Activists who are engaged in the process of social transformation.

The Centre can accommodate up to 75 participants at a time. Two halls are well furnished and are equipped with gadgets necessary for the Trainings/ Meetings.

The new edifice of the ANNEXE BLOCK was blessed by the Archbishop of Bangalore, Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras on August 9, 2012 at Bangalore. The Centre will house 18 regional Commissions of Karnataka.