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A befitting program was arranged at SMSSS, Shivamogga to bid farewell to Fr, Sebastian Fernandes who was handing over charge to his successor, Fr. Richard Pais as he was relinquishing office as Director, KROSS after a fruitful and challenging stint from 06.05.2015 to 05.05.2021.

Fr. Shanthraj, Director-CMSSS compered the program and he at the outset extolled the services rendered by Fr. Sebastian Fernandes for the last six years and wished him all the best in his future mission in his diocese of Karwar. He then invited Bishop Francis Serrao SJ, President-KROSS to address the gathering.

Bishop Francis Serrao SJ, commended the vision of Fr. Sebastian Fernandes and said his boundless energy accelerated him to do his best. He said though he had to go through many dark clouds and dry patches he did not give up or give in. He stood and worked for his principles. He said that the region would always recall his foresight and celebrate his dedication. He thanked him for his service which was recognized at national and international level and sought his support and guidance to the incoming Director-KROSS, Fr. Richard Pais and wished him a fruitful journey in his future mission.

Fr. Reginald Pinto, Director-Sampada conveyed the feelings on behalf of the 14 Diocesan Social Work Directors and said it is an honour to felicitate a simple and humble person like Fr. Sebastian Fernandes. He said that in today's world we experience two types of "gurus", one who delegates responsibility to others and the second type who own responsibility and work silently to fulfil the vision and dreams and Fr. Sebastian is the 2nd type of guru. He worked as a team person be it with his staff or the DSSSs and thus was able to fulfil the task in time. His boundless energy in travelling to the DSSSs and guiding and motivating will always be remembered. In his tough times, he suffered alone especially when the building constructed by KROSS for its sustainability was renamed as Regional Pastoral Centre. He ended with a quote, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Tim. 4:7). On behalf of the DSWDs and their staff he wished him all the best and assured him of their prayers.

Mr. Varghese on behalf of KROSS staff shared his experience and said that he had the good fortune to work under four different directors but he found in Fr. Sebastian Fernandes a different uniqueness as he was time conscious and strived for perfection. He was a simple person who loved associating with the poor and he motivated the staff to see that the poor get the benefit of the schemes and benefits provided by the government. On behalf of the staff, he wished him all the best in his future mission.

Bishop Gerald Lobo former President and presently Vice-President, KROSS said that he fully agrees with the thoughts shared by the earlier speakers but added that Fr. Sebastian was a systematic person who thought and worked for the region. His punctuality and attention to all details will be remembered. He said that this quality of his endeared him to the donors who themselves would ask him to present project proposals and kept continuing the programs. He was much appreciated by Caritas India as he saw that the Karnataka Forum always submitted timely reports and completed the work on time. On behalf of the Archbishop, KRCBC and the DSWDs he thanked him for his dedicated service to the region. He requested him to keep guiding KROSS and provide the required support to Fr. Richard Pais. He assured him of his prayers and wished him all the best.

Mr. Richard Martis, Finance Manager, KROSS read out the citation issued by the President, Vice-President and the incoming Director-KROSS.

Fr. Sebastian Fernandes was then felicitated and honoured with a shawl, Mysore peta, garland, bouquet, framed citation and a gift.

Fr. Sebastian Fernandes then thanked each and every person by name individually for the support, guidance and cooperation during his tenure at KROSS and shared his experience.

The program ended with Fr. Richard Pais, Director-KROSS thanking each and every one present for making the program successful.