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Day Morning Afternoon
One Welcome, Introduction, Expectations
Basics of Safeguarding/ Revisit
Your Questions and Clarifications
Practice Assessment with a sample policy
Steps and Minimum Standards
Planning for teach-back session
Two Teach Back Sessions: Basics
Orientation for the DSSS team
Assessment for the DSSS team
Teach Back Sessions: Minimum Standards
- Standard 1
- Standard 2, 3, 4
Three Teach Back Sessions: Minimum Standards
- Standard 5, 6, 7
Reflection on the Teach Back sessions
Roles and responsibilities of the Forum/ DSSS
Coordination and handholding support
Vote of thanks

ToT on Safeguarding
The training of trainers (TOT) for safeguarding policy was held at Navjeevan Renewal Centre, Delhi from, from 11th -13th January 2023, the three-day training was comprehensive, and each participant understood the knowledge skill and attitude to take up the responsibility as trainers. The sessions were facilitated by Ms. Shimray. We gained insight and pondered upon the subjects covered in the sessions led by Mr. Khushal and Mr. Prabat. The participants presented the assigned topics, and thereafter, they took part in teach-back sessions in which they received extensive feedback that could improve their performance. To analyze our subjective understanding of safeguarding policy, the participants were subsequently asked to compose an action plan. The training concluded by 5 pm.