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CRS India Partners Meet, New Delhi August 28th and 29th,2023

Catholic Relief Service (CRS) organised a two days’ partners meet at New Delhi on August 28th & 29th,2023 to discuss on the current context in India and common priorities for NGO’s. Scale and sustainability of social impact. The Partners had discussed on the opportunities available for the development agencies in the current socio-economic environment and the way forward. To understand the current challenges, emerging trends policy changes that impact, the role of CSOs today. Strategise its responses and adaptations to the changing context and prioritise the objectives. What strategies are best to make the populations we work with to cope with these changes and adapt? Compliances / precautionary measures at NGO level as per new FCRA amendment. Understand the strength and expertise, knowledge and skills of partners and establish collaborative network. How to engage ourselves meaningfully as a collective force to empower the marginalised communities and promote peace and Justice, resource mobilising. There were discussions on the conceptualisation of partner’s forum – ideating, on the modus operndi etc., There were about 29 partners from across the country, had met and held fruitful discussions. KROSS also participated and shared its views.