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Gender Equality Today for A Sustainable Tomorrow - Women Migrant Workers: Gaps and Opportunities

On 08th March 2022, Caritas India had organized a webinar on Gender Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow - Women Migrant Workers: Gaps and Opportunities to celebrate Women's day. The webinar began at 2:30 pm and continued until 5pm. Rev. Fr. Paul the Executive Director of Caritas India, proposed the welcome address by encouraging and congratulating all the women. The webinar was extensive and insightful, which let us ponder over few aspects. Many renowned speakers spoke about the challenges faced by the migrant workers and the possible solutions. Dr. Neha apprised us about issues on recognition of women's work for our economy, biased recruitment process, and emphasized on framing collective and diversified strategy to help women migrant workers.

The second speaker of the day Ms.Savitha Mishra highlighted on the unhygienic place to reside after working hours, no lead roles given to women, social protection like maternity benefit is yet another concern and education of the children of these workers is on stake. Ms.Savitha made few recommendations of having an online registration and collect socio economic and demographic details, which would serve as a database. Formation of Labor resource center where grievance and information can be noted. The testimonies of the workers was thought provoking and provided space for different perspectives.

Later Mr.Prabat Kumar explained to us the 3 C's that hampered women's growth: Constrains, Choice and Career. He suggested forming a helpline of migrant workers with grievance and redressal mechanism. Ms.Sutapa Sanyal spoke about reverse migration and to escape exclusion in their village women migrate and because the male members are moving, they are left with no choice. She expressed on the importance of having a migration documents. She indicated on digital literacy. Mr.Vikram Srivathasav stated on the fear of the workers while engaging with lawyers and at courts. He advises Legal literacy as a solution for the same. Last speaker of the day Mr.Subhash Bhatkar spoke about having a safe migration channel and working women's hostel to all women migrant workers. The webinar ended with a vote of thanks by Ms.Suparna.