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Regional Directors meet on Safeguarding and Perspective Planning

The Regional Directors meet on Safeguarding and Perspective Planning was conducted by Caritas India on 15 th and 16 th November 2023 at Delhi. 24 participants from 13 different regions were present.

Rev Fr Richard Pais, Director KROSS and Br Anil Sebastian represented KROSS Bangalore.

The day began with a prayer by Ms. Catherine, Program Associate, RFAP the participants were warmly welcomed by Fr Jolly Puthenpura, Asst Executive Director, Caritas India. The welcome address highlighted the significance of the regional fora and the collective efforts aimed at fostering regional development. A key component of the orientation was a message from the leadership, delivered by Mr Senthil CRS CEO, this message emphasized the organization's commitment to supporting regional initiatives and the value of collaboration in achieving common goals and also preparing the safeguarding policy and rolling out the same to the DSSSs. A comprehensive overview of the program was provided, outlining its objectives, structure, and expected outcomes. Participants gained insights into the various components of the program, including workshops, networking sessions, and collaborative projects. The orientation clarified the role of each participant in contributing to the success of the program. A significant portion of the presentation was dedicated to showcasing success stories resulting from effective regional perspective planning.

On the second day case studies and examples were presented to highlight tangible outcomes, positive impacts on communities, and how strategic planning contributed to the success of these initiatives. The success stories served as inspiration for participants and demonstrated the real-world benefits of thoughtful regional planning. To promote engagement and interaction, a group exercise was conducted. Participants were divided into small groups, each tasked with discussing and brainstorming ideas related to regional development.

The orientation program concluded with a brief summary and a call to action on safeguarding policy and the participants were encouraged to actively participate, contribute their unique insights, and build meaningful connections with their peers throughout the RFAP.