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The virtual meeting began at 3.10 pm with a prayer conducted by Sr. Jeevalatha, WEP coordinator ORBIT. Mrs. Laina Lasrado, the State Coordinator for WEP welcomed Fr. Richard Pais, Director KROSS, Sr. Nancy Lobo, WEP consultant and all the coordinators and animators from 14 DSSSs. The Director in his introductory talk gave an overview of the New Phase of WEP project. He also instructed the staff to work hard to maintain the SHGs and its membership to reach the Goal and objectives of the new phase.

Mrs. Laina Lasrado, the State Coordinator got information from each DSSS about the current status of the WEP working area, especially number of SHGs, its membership, the number of staff working at present. Each DSSS got feedback from the Coordinator and Sr. Nancy with regard to their present status. The doubts were clarified and suggestions were given to go forward.

Mrs. Laina also presented the Goal and objectives of the new proposal to the staff and discussed with them.
The field staff suggested to again hold a virtual meeting in order to discuss and share more information about their next course of action. The meeting concluded at 5:20 p.m. with a vote of thanks from Nishitha Shetty, MSSS Coordinator.